OBIS REST services

Extract Schema from SPARQL endpoint

URL example:http://server:port/obis-rest/services/schema?endpoint=sparqlEndpointUrl&graph=graphName

Example: http://localhost:8080/obis-rest/services/schema?endpoint=http://localhost:8890/sparql&graph=MiniUniv

By default schema extraction includes datatype and cardinality calculation. It may impact performance:

Example: http://localhost:8080/obis-rest/services/schema?endpoint=http://localhost:8890/sparql&graph=MiniUniv&mode=simple

By default SPARQL queries are not logged. It may impact performance:

If the endpoint is Virtuoso SPARQL server, by default Virtuoso system classes (namespace are not included in the response classes. If Virtuoso system classes are required, please:

Meta domain classes (namespaces,, are included by default. If OWL/RDF domain classes are not needed, please:

Extract Schema from OWL file

URL example:http://server:port/obis-rest/schemaFromOwl.html

Upload Schema File